Techniques for Increasing Hair Volume.

The changes in hair as we age – dryness, lack of volume, struggling to style it, and ending up with flat hair… Have you recently felt a bit puzzled while setting your hair? Actually, your daily hair care routine can make a significant difference…

First, let’s understand the causes. If you’re unsure, consult your stylist.
[Cause 1] Increased hair moisture content
[Cause 2] Loss of elasticity and thickness due to aging or scalp condition deterioration
[Cause 3] Oily diet
[Cause 4] Scalp oiliness
[Cause 5] Residue from shampoo and conditioner

Here are some ways to add volume to your hair at home:

  • Start with proper towel drying
    Proper drying controls hair shine and volume. Before using a hairdryer, it’s important to towel dry your hair thoroughly. When towel-drying, be gentle and avoid rubbing your hair vigorously to prevent damage to the cuticles. Place the towel against your scalp and gently pat it to remove excess moisture. Then wrap your hair in the towel to absorb more moisture. Lightly patting your hair with a towel is also recommended. If your hair is tangled, avoid pulling it forcefully. You can gently detangle it with a wide-toothed comb or a brush.

After towel-drying, it’s time to use the hairdryer.
Here are three key points to add volume:
Keep the hairdryer at least 10cm away from your hair. When directing warm air, follow the direction of hair flow to prevent damage.
Once it’s about 80% dry, lift the roots of the sections where you want volume and use low-temperature air.
After drying the top and overall hair to create volume, finish with a blast of cool air. When the heat dissipates, your style will set, and you’ll achieve a beautiful shine.

I’ve introduced methods for achieving hair volume at home care, especially how to dry your hair after washing it. Keep in mind that the results can vary depending on humidity and temperature. Embrace your hair’s unique characteristics and work towards a wonderful hairstyle through daily care.