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“In a stimulating and creative environment with colleagues around the world who create beauty, we continue to grow ourselves. That is how we work at our salon. We will give you the chance to take on new challenges and provide a comfortable working environment.Let’s build a wonderful world of beauty together.”

Benefits of working in Vietnam

  • Improve human resource management skills
  • Improved judgment
  • Forming personal connections
  • A global perspective and sense
  • Changes in thinking about work styles
  • If you are involved in local management or factory management
  • Advantageous for future career development
  • Crisis management ability gained from differences in sense of time and speed


  • Beautician license holder
  • Those with work experience
  • Those who can do polite work
  • Those who can work for more than 2-3 years


  • Bonus
  • Paid
  • Sick leave
  • Work visa acquisition application agency (cost burden)
  • Health insurance premium allowance
  • Travel expenses paid
  • Interpretation support
  • Support for securing lifelines such as housing and opening bank accounts

Recruitment Daisuke