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In an increasingly fast-paced world, taking time out of our daily routines to rest and recharge is now more important than ever.

In comes the concept of Self-care; appealing to the 5 human senses (sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch) to comfort one’s soul. Whether you need a hair consultation or simply a change of pace, we would be happy for you to visit us, in the spirit of enjoying yourself here. 

Gemini Environment

Gemini’s environment has been carefully created to do just that. Alongside a Japanese modern design, all touches of services are designed to soothe; creating a warm and cozy space where self-care can take root.

Products used are well-loved in our stylists’ personal routines, picked with utmost attention to beauty, health, and nature.

One Step Further

We take Self-Care one step further (5 + 1), by including a social aspect. Share freely with our stylists about your requests & concerns, we are ready to listen.

It is our wish that you will find your authentic style through bespoke hairstyling, reflected in etoilE.D.H’s company logo design of a hexagonal star.

Q &A

questions & answer

What should I do if the staff can not speak japanese?

Japanese stylist is always available to guide.Experienced beautician with over 8 years in Japan and over 5 years abroad.Do not be hesitant about our services.Questions and reservations in japanese also supported by LINE

Do you have a warranty period?

We have a limited guarantee period of 10 days. If, within 10 days, you require a limited adjustment or re-treatment (such as a trimming or minor application of re-dyeing), we will provide this free of charge.

What kind of products do you use?

80% of our products are made in Japan. We emphasise and prioritize use of carefully selected stock with as few chemical additives as possible. By using high-quality products from the best sources in Japan and overseas, we wish to provide you with products that minimize strain on your hair and scalp, that you may be at ease when using them either under our care, or at home.

Is it possible to just thin the hair without changing the lenght?

Yes,it is possible,this is not a complete hair cut.This will reduce the amount of volume in your hair,but you won’t lose the shape of your hairstyle.

How long does the hair sevice take?

It varies by treatment, but here is an approximate guide: 30-minutes to 1 Hour to Cut the hair, and one additional hour for Colouring/Dyeing, 1,5 hours for a Perm, 2-3 hours for Bleaching and 2 hours for Straightening.

What is the scalp care method?

It is good to keep the scalp clean and scalp massage. Shampoo alone cannot remove all dirt. When the pores are clogged with sebum, there is no way for new hair to exit. As a result, hair growth stops and eventually hair falls out. To keep the scalp clean, we recommend a head spa once a month.

If I have had my hair bleached, can I still receive a Perm or straight?

Sadly, probably not. Perming or curling your hair after bleaching can cause serious damage to the hair. As such, we recommend that you consult your stylist before ordering.

It is possible to bleach or perm my hair while I had a straight perm?

It depends on the strength of your previous treatment and how long ago you had it done. Some designs are possible, but a subsequent curling is weakened and can lose strength, and some dyeing will be difficult as the straightening treatment limits what colors can be used. We ultimately recommend consulting your stylist.

How long does the treatment last?

In most cases, between 2 weeks to 1 month. Due to the climate of Vietnam, humidity and other local effects can weaken treatments, but with mindful care, it will last longer. Please note that prolonged UV exposure (such as direct sunlight) has a bleaching effect and can reduce vibrancy of colours and treatments, so please bear this in mind. Also note that these estimates are approximations and that longevity varies with the individual.

Is it possible for me to order multiple treatments at the same time, for example colouring and curling?

Yes. Please let us know in advance which treatments you are interested in when making a reservation. Also, for customers with sensitive hair, or whose hair is otherwise worn or damaged, we may recommend another day to minimise stress on the hair and maximise results.

I want the color to last as long as possible.

Now that the colored population is increasing, it’s a problem that many people have. As home care for customers, we recommend that you use a minimum of color-specific shampoo, treatment, and leave-in treatment. If you still want to repair it, there is also a care method to “replenish the pigment that has lost color”, so please consult the staff.

Is it okay for me to have children with me?

Yes. Children are welcome

Can I make a reservation for bangs or head spa only?

Yes, you can. We recommend undergoing a head spa once a month, as this helps maintain the health of the scalp and growing new and beautiful hair.

How long does my hair grow in a month?

It varies between individuals, but for most people the average is 1 cm per month. In one day, that makes it about 0.35mm.

Is it okay to sleep with my hair wet?

We do not recommend it. When your hair is wet, we recommend drying it before going to bed. Bear in mind that hair drying also can affect the maintenance of colours and perms.

Should I use my hair dryer everyday?

No. Frequent use of a hair dryer is a normal way to cause excessive wear and damage to your hair. This does not mean that natural drying won’t damage your hair either, however. If you are wiping your hair with a towel, we recommend you to “pom-pom” your hair with the towel in light pinches, in order to remove as much water as possible from the hair without twisting or rubbing it too much as wet hair is delicate and easily damaged. Be gentle and patient and strive to keep your hair dry, so it won’t get damaged by lying against a pillow or by wearing a hat etc.

My hair looks damaged. Do you have any advice or recommendations?
    Damaged hari can be very stressful, so we recommend treatment in according to the following symptoms:
  • If your hair is dry, use a moisturizing treatment.
  • If your hair has a habit of becoming too frizzy, perhaps a straight perm or treatment is in order.
  • If the colour is fading, a glossy application can help.
  • If your hair is too fluffy, we offer various hair products that can supress the fluff. Ultimately though, consult your stylist and we will help you in whatever way we can.
What is the difference between rinse, treatment and conditioner?
  • The rinse acts as a coating that adheres to the surface of the hair. Reduces external stimuli such as UV rays. Combined use with treatments is highly effective.
  • Treatment plays the role of giving nutrients close to the ingredients of the hair into the hair. Recommended for damaged hair
  • Conditioner: Has the effect of both rinsing and treatment. Therefore, conditioner is now the mainstream.

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